pregnancy pictures• About the Guide
pregnancy picturesThe Basics
pregnancy photography• How to Prepare
Pregnancy tips• Wardrobe

Elements of Posing
maternity photography guide• Posture
Pregnancy tips• Arching
Pregnancy tipsWalkthrough - posture
Pregnancy tips• Gaze
Pregnancy tips• Expression
Pregnancy tips• The Leg Up

Pregnancy photography• Best Foot Forward
belly pics• The Crossover
belly picsWalkthrough the Crossover

Pregnancy photography• Finding a Pose
belly pics• Placement of Hands

Maternity Posing Ideas
pregnancy• The Cradled Belly
maternity• The Proud Mom
belly picsWalkthrough - Proud Mom
belly pics• The Seated Triangle
Pregnancy tips• Just the Belly
Pregnancy photography• The Hands of Love
Pregnancy photography• Over the Belly
Pregnancy tips• Peek-a-boo
Pregnancy tips• The Open Shirt
Pregnancy tips• Face to Face
Pregnancy photography• The Kiss
belly picsWalkthrough - Couples
Pregnancy tips• The Bump
Pregnancy tips• Prom Gone Wrong

Pregnancy tips• Dad & the Belly
Posing with Kids:
Pregnancy tips• Holding the Sibling
Pregnancy photography• Bribes & Trickery
Pregnancy tips• The Sibling & the Belly
Pregnancy tips• The Juggling Act
Pregnancy tips• Dad & the Belly
Pregnancy tipsWalkthrough with children

The Camera Angle
nude pregnancy portraits• The Profile
nude pregnancy portraits• Straight On
nude pregnancy portraits• 3/4 View
nude pregnancy portraits• From Above
nude pregnancy portraits• From Below

Creatiing a Progression
nude pregnancy portraits• How to take a progression

The Maternity Silhouette
nude pregnancy portraits• Rules of the Silhouette

Nude and Semi-Nude
nude maternity photography• The Pregnant Nude
nude pregnancy portraits• Working with Fabrics
nude maternity photography• Coverage I
nude pregnancy portraitsWalkthrough - Coverage
nude pregnancy portraits• Coverage II
nude pregnancy portraits• Coverage for Couples
nude pregnancy portraits• The Demi
nude pregnancy portraits• The Seated Nude
nude pregnancy portraits• The Sweep
nude pregnancy portraitsWalkthrough - Swept Fabric
nude pregnancy portraits• The Horizontal Nude

Photographing yourself
nude pregnancy portraits• What you will need
nude pregnancy portraits• Settings

7 Common Problems with Maternity Portraits
maternity posing ideas• Backdrop Trouble
maternity posing ideas• On Camera Flash
belly pics• Harsh Lighting
maternity portraits• The Window Dilemma
maternity portraits• Lost in the Background

maternity portraits• Unflattering Wardrobe
maternity portraits• Overprocessing

maternity portraitsWalkthrough - Processing


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This guide is brought to you by Katsoulis Photography of Massachusetts. Gregory Katsoulis has been creating professional maternity portraits for over 10 years.

If you are looking for more ideas, please visit my online gallery of maternity photography, showcasing some of my best work.

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If you are looking for maternity photography ideas, poses, or help preparing for a maternity photo session, I hope you will find this guide useful.(The iPad version of this guide is photo-rich, with interactive features over 300 pages of images, movies, ideas, poses, advice and information, expanding greatly upon the guide found here. Download the sample to try before you buy!)

Over the years, I have had many visitors to my photography website from all over the world. Some came looking for a photographer, others came looking for inspiration. Some visitors have been kind enough to e-mail their thoughts on my work, and many have asked for ideas and guidance about maternity portraits.

This guide has been designed with those people in mind. I hope that it will help parents-to-be who want to take their own maternity portraits, as well as photographers and other with an interest in maternity photography. If you have an iPad, you owe it to yourself to download the enhanced, interactive iPad version of the guide; it contains a wealth of information, photos and movies that expand upon the guide here.

I love the work I do. I wish it were possible to do portraits for everyone, but because of geography, time and expense, this is obviously not practical. Of course, If you are in the greater Boston area and you do decide to hire a professional, I hope you will consider me for your pregnancy photos!

Wherever you are, I do support and encourage hiring an experienced professional maternity photographer. But, whether the reasons are financial, personal, or creative, I know there are people who wish to try this on their own and that there are many of photographers just starting out who deserve a chance.

My hope is that through this guide I can share some of what I have learned, and help those who are striving to create a memorable pregnancy portrait. If you find this guide useful, please link to the guide from your blog, website, or message board.

If you find this guide helpful, or if you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to e-mail at

I am currently looking for moms-to-be in the greater Boston area to help continue and expand this guide. Click here for more information.
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